In Pixoor, our vision is to contribute to a better world, giving people the ability to share the most beautiful moments of their lives.

Our mission is to contribute to the deepening of human relations, offering personalised photographic products at the highest quality. We are proud to have given inspiration to hundreds of thousands of people to create, share and maintain their personal experiences with products that last for a lifetime!

The greatest reward for all the people of Pixoor is the satisfaction of your requirements. Thank you very much for sharing every day with us your joy and excitement.

Our goal is to provide you with products and services at the highest quality. We are committed to ensuring that you are satisfied with every single order so that life memories you choose to keep, remain alive forever.

Having printed hundreds of thousands of photobooks and having implemented the repousse technology along with local-total UV technologies, Pixoor comes to meet the needs of millions of amateur and professional photographers.

Pixoor owned by Digital Publication Group Inc., one of the larger production unit of personalized photographic & printing products in the Europe. The successful course of the company which encompasses 40 years of experience in the field of printing is the result of the creation of strong bonds of trust with customers.

The recent investment activities of Digital Publication Group in Central Europe are expected to make the company one of the largest in the print industry on the World.


Pixoor is the company that brought a new color technology and thus expanded the color fields. Color spectrum, precision in performance and state-of-the- art technology ensure perfect results.