Delivery & Returns

Delivery Time


Photo Books hd , Calendars , Mugs

Priority :  3-5 working days (+1 day for Inaccessible regions)

Express :  8-9 working days (+1 day for Inaccessible regions)

Standard :  10-12 working days (+1 day for Inaccessible regions)

Layflat Photo Books

Priority :  7-8 working days (+1 day for Inaccessible regions)

Express :  10-12 working days (+1 day for Inaccessible regions)

Standard :  14-16 working days (+1 day for Inaccessible regions)

*The estimated ranges are not guaranteed. We will do our best to meet these estimates, however current production levels, seasonal variances and shipping services could result in additional shipping time.

*During periods of high workload (November-December-January) Delivery times may increase up to 30%

Delivery Costs – Europe

Standard : 5.95€

Express :  9.95€

Priority :  12.95€

*Free standard shipping on orders of 60€ or more . Free shipping cannot be combined with other discounts 

Pixoor Return Policy

Pixoor , which is fully owned by the company “Digital Publications Group PC” guarantees your satisfaction of the construction quality of the product you receive. In case your product is delivered and you notice some wear, damage or construction defect, contact us by e-mail at within 14 days of delivery receipt.

Please greatly understand that Pixoor / “Digital Publications Group PC” cannot provide refunds or cancel orders, except where expressly stated (i.e. product with damage on arrival or manufacturing defect).

Please note that every product that comes to your hands is certified by Quality Management system throughout the production process. There is a possibility that there are small differences in different prints of Pixoor products, but are limited to minimum fluctuations in Color spectrum (1% -3%).

The attempt to improve this minimum deviation is continuous, as we have the constant aim of manufacturing products of the highest printing and binding specifications. The minimum variation in print quality (1% -3%) is an acceptable limit and a common phenomenon in the professional field of prints, thus it is not calculated as a manufacturing defect which involves reprinting of the product.

Creating & Ordering Products

The product you design and order through Pixoor software is exactly what you wanted to be printed. Pixoor does not interfere in any way with the content of photos and texts as well as the layout you have created. This means that it is your responsibility to review your product before ordering, and correct the following:

* Spelling, grammatical and editorial errors in your texts

* Low resolution images that may appear blurry in print

* Darker images that appear dark on your screen

* The final print result will have both color and tone variations in relation to the preview you see on your screen. The only way to see the exact screen preview is the use of the ICC profile used by Pixoor. (Pixoor does not interfere with your pictures because it is impossible to know how you see an image on your screen)

* Design themes, size, style, colors, and Layout of your pages

* Any other creative choice you made.

You will have to make final check of your product with a preview before complete your order . Pixoor Designer have all the creativity tools and provide you with every design option.