What are the stages I have to go through to complete an order?

To complete an order you have to:

  1.  Choose your product and click on the button “Get Started”
  2. Upload your photos, add text and favourite expressions
  3. Click on the button ”Order” and complete your order through the shopping basket

I want to order the same product at x quantity. Do I have to repeat the order x times?

No, once you upload a product, at the shopping cart you put the quantity you wish in the corresponding field.

Do I have to create an account to make an order?

Absolutely not , you are able to make your order without creating an account .

*Please , notice that it is possible to save your projects , only if you have started them as “registered user”

Can i continue editing my project on another device?

Yes , you can save your project and continue editing on another device (pc,mobile phone,tablet) !

*Please , notice that it is possible to save your projects , only if you have started them as “registered user”

How do I order multiple products in the same order?

Place the product into the shopping basket and instead of clicking the “COMPLETE YOUR ORDER”  button, select continue shopping or go to the next product you wish to order using the main navigation at the top of the page. Repeat this process until you have all products in the basket, then click order now.

Can I have invoice for a specific order? If yes, where do I insert the details?

You can indicate in the comments that you want an invoice. In the same field, enter your details (VAT, Tax Office, Profession etc.)

Can I make any changes to an order once the order has been placed?

Sadly we are unable to change any order as this is an automated service. Orders are created as read-only files to protect them from manual intervention and to ensure the data and files are kept secure.

How do I know if my order has been successful?

You will receive a confirmation of order on screen, which will then be followed by a confirmation email to your registered email address. If this does not happen and you did not get an order number , please check your email junk files , too.

Can I cancel / make changes to my order?

Unfortunately we are unable to edit or cancel orders once they have been submitted. As soon as you checkout, your order data is entered into our production workflow and does not allow manual intervention. This process ensures high security so that all customer data is protected. (Please refer to our order terms & conditions).



What are the differences between hard, soft and leather cover?

The hard cover is compact and rigid. It is also personalised, which means that you may design it as you wish.

The soft cover is 250gr/m2 paper of superior quality and its flexible. It is personalised as well.

The leatherette cover is compact and is invested with a color of your choice. The colors you can choose from are: Black, Red, Olive, Pink, Blue, White and Bordeaux-Byzantine. Unlike the other two, personalisation is not possible.

How many photos can an album contain?

There is no limit to the number of photos you may insert! It depends on the number of pages and placeholders you added on your project.

What type of paper is used to print Layflat Photobooks?

We use high quality Fuji Crystal Archive paper. This type of paper perfectly adapts to chemical prints and guarantees excellent results every time. If you have further questions on this matter, please contact us at hello@pixoor.com

Can I automatically change the type of cover to a photobook I've created?

No, due to different sizes. Images and design may be spoiled during conversion. However, you can contact Myikona’s graphic designer department to see if we can convert it.

Can I add my own image placeholders (templates)?

Yes , first press “Advanced editing” (at the top of your screen) , then “Add Picture Box” and the placehorder will appear on the current page of your project.

*This feature is not available on mobile phones

Since i designed a photobook in a certain dimension, can I change this dimension?

No, you need to start a new project


Can I change my monitor display settings to fit your printing machines?

The color spectrum of a modern screen is larger than the spectrum of any printing machine. The chance to print exactly what you see on your screen is limited. Moreover, misconfigurations and wrong settings and amateur screens can lead to color appeal. However, you don’t have to worry since by applying few simple techniques we can approach fine printing results.

The brightness of the environment also affects the color perception. So imaging differences between two screens or printed colors are normal to exist.

Adjusting your screen settings as shown below will give you the best results:
Color Temperature: 5500 Kelvin
Gamma: 2,2
Illumination: about 120-160 cd / m2 (also depends on the natural light in the room) 160cd / m2 correspond to the illumination level at 500lx.

If you own a measuring device (photosphere meter) and a related calibration device, you may follow the software information you have.

If you do not have such device (which is the case for most customers), we recommend that you use the Contrast and Brightness settings from the following file:

Please open the image from the link with any image viewer and view the image in full screen.

Adjust the Brightness of your screen so that you can hardly see the first (left) of the four cycles, and you can barely distinguish the second one.

Your device, allows you to change the color temperature, contrast and brightness settings, and enter the following values.

How can I improve the brightness and quality of my images on "Pixoor Designer"

We suggest you to use the tool “enhance” to all of your images on “Pixoor Designer” . The tool is located to the center toolbar (advance editing) at the top of your screen  . Settings are customised for the majority of images. On average, the “enhance” tool will improve the quality of your image.

* Sometimes it is better not to use the “enhance” tool. For example, if you already used another image editing software and do not want to further modify the result of your image.

What is Automatic Image Enhancement (AIE)?

AIE adjusts the image quality of your photos. It will smooth mistakes and color problems and adjust the contrast and saturation of colors for best printing results. Its operation is completely automatic. The intensity of the adjustments is determined by the image resolution. Settings are customised for the majority of images. On average, AIE will improve image quality.

Only few times it is recommended not to use the AIE. For example, if you already use some image editing software and do not want to further modify the result of your image. In this case, please contact us at customers@myikona.gr

What is the best resolution for the images i insert to "Pixoor Designer" ?

The resolution of your images should be based on 300 ppi (pixels per inch) relative to the size of your print layout. If your photos have a resolution greater than 300 ppi, Myikona Publisher software will automatically reduce it to 300 ppi.

If you change the size of your image in the layout or if you crop the image or enlarge it, the resolution will be adjusted accordingly.

An important tool to check the resolution of your images can be found in the menu located at the top and can be red, yellow or green. If you click on the image and the smiley is green, your image resolution is good enough and it will not reduce the quality when the product is printed. If the smiley is yellow, the resolution is ok but not perfect. If the smiley is red, please reduce your image size to increase the resolution and image quality to reach the yellow or green pattern.

Is it possible for the photos that will be printed to appear brighter on my screen?

Your images may appear brighter on the screen as most modern screens have back light technology. To avoid viewing your photos on the screen brighter than the primary file, please read the question & answer “Can I change my monitor display settings to fit your printing machines?”

What settings should my camera have to get the best quality results?

We strongly recommend that you take your photos to the maximum resolution your camera allows. The minimum resolution we recommend for some small frames is 1024 x 768. Please note that each camera is different, so read its manual to set it up correctly. For best results use cameras with at least 5 megapixels. In Myikona Publisher software, there is an indication of the quality of the photo in relation to the print size.

When I edit a photo in "Pixoor Designer" do i affect the original file?

No, the software creates a copy of your photo within it, and it does not affect your original file.


How do I send a screenshot of error or feedback messages to your website?

You can do this by holding down the Ctrl button located at the bottom left of your keyboard and at the same time pressing the PrtSc button (located at the top of your keyboard next to the F12 button).

Then you should paste the file into a blank document by opening a Word file and pressing Ctrl and V at the same time. This will create a snapshot of your screen as you can see. You can then save the file and send it to us as an attachment through email .

Send a screenshot using OSX (Mac):

Command + Control + Shift + 3: Grabs a snapshot of your entire screen and saves it directly to your desktop. You may move it anywhere else afterwards.

Uploading of the product suddenly stopped because of computer fault or connection problem. Should I start uploading again from the beginning?

No, uploading will continue from the point where it was stopped as all previous pages were already stored on the Pixoor server!

I cannot find my saved project.

Please, login to your account by clicking on the link below : www.pixoor.com/account/ and then , go to the sector “My Pixoor Projects”

I did not receive a confirmation email for the order I just finalised.

Usually emails arrive in seconds after the completion of your order. However on rare occasions it may be delayed to reach your inbox. If you don’t receive the email within a few minutes, check the email account information you have entered into your MyIkona account through the shopping cart. Also check the capacity of your inbox as well as the spam folders.

I did not find a solution to my problem on this page. What can I do now?

If you have not found an answer to your question here, please read the User Guide. If you still have questions, fill out the form in the Contact form or send us a message on Live chat .

Gift Vouchers / Coupons

Can I use more than 1 voucher for the same order?

Yes. You are able to use more than one voucher code per order , but only one per product.


The offer is due to expire and I cannot get my order through with the promotional code, what should I do?

If you are having problems using the promotional code please take a screen shot of any error codes or error message and email these to us as soon as you can. We would not advise placing the order without the promotional code as we may not always be able to honour the promotion for you.

I received my welcome email after I had placed my order, can I still use my promotional code with my current order?

Unfortunately your welcome codes cannot be applied retrospectively to an order.  Do not worry though as you have not lost out on your offers, you can claim them with your next order, just ensure you enter in your code at the time you place your order.

How do I use a voucher code?

Simply enter the voucher code into the voucher entry box presented to you during the checkout of your order, when ordering via the website